This public library is offering 'Adulting 101' classes for Millennials

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The library used to be where you rented DVDs, did photocopying for five pence a sheet, or borrowed 'books'.

One public library in North Bend, Oregon, has found a way to attract the generation of people who don't need to pay for an hour's internet access at a time.

Tutors at the library have introduced a new class to the curriculum: 'Adulting 101', specifically for ages 16-25.

Broken into six sessions running from February to July, the class promises to teach an under skilled generation what their parents knew before them.

Classes include basic cooking skills (and those suited to living in student accommodation), financial management, how to move house, and completing odd jobs around the house such as using a breaker box.

Speaking to CBS affiliate KCBY, the assistant director of library services at North Bend, Teresa Lucas said:

We felt it was important to bring Adulting 101 to the North Bend Public Library to provide more resources for young people on how they can better their lives in our community.

Getting people into libraries is difficult enough, and this playful class seems well intentioned.

Let's hope none of these Millenials learn about YouTube tutorials or Wikihow.

Adulting in the UK?

MPs routinely attempt to get more 'life skills' into the curriculum, such as budgeting and civil engagement.

Most recently, on Saturday the Conservative MP for Fareham wrote in the Telegraph to call for personal finance to be taught in schools.

Why millenials supposedly can't do these 'adult' skills, might be something to do with their parents raising them on TV.


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