Are you feeling the pinch of inflation? Forced to make do with plain old bananas on toast as opposed to that classic millennial favourite, the avocado?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

This week,The Million Pound Drop, a nail-biting quiz show which sees contestants squander wads of cash on incorrect answers, returned after a hiatus. But there's a difference - the prize money on offer has been slashed to £100,000. Now making it The £100k Drop.

Prize reduction aside, social media users have been celebrating its return by sharing one of its most memorable moments.

In a frankly gutting episode, a couple - Gareth and Alex - were asked a seemingly easy question about Justin Timberlake and offered a series of cheesy jokes - including the usual 'trouser snake' gag - as answers. Alex, confident in her JT knowledge, stepped forward and bet the entire £1million on the wrong answer.

While host Davina McCall repeated the question - and the clue within it - the contestants appeared continued to miss the signs, instead citing his film Friends With Benefits.

Of course, it's all too easy to shout the right answer at the TV in a fit of rage, but much more difficult to actually cope under studio pressure - it's fair to say that plenty of us would probably make similar mistakes in the heat of the moment.

The show's new season will likely spawn similarly frustrating moments - oh, and hopefully some more extremely shady questions.

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