Leather-clad mistress turns up to Florida city meeting with bizarre request

Leather-clad mistress turns up to Florida city meeting with bizarre request
Dominatrix proposes dungeon to be built to support 'doms and subs' in …

A city meeting in Florida took a bizarre turn when a dominatrix trio took to the mic and asked for a $1m (£825m) grant to build a dungeon.

The women, dressed in head-to-toe latex, headed Fort Lauderdale City Commission meeting on Tuesday night (20 December) and stood in front of the five city council members.

The 'leader', donning a face mask and long blonde braid, opened her proposal by saying: "Good evening, counsel peoples. You may call me 'Mistress,'"

"I am here standing neutral to the motion approving an agreement for the proprietary purchase of Yardways Processing and Disposal. I do, however, find it interesting that you will spend almost 1 million dollars to hide your secrets down the drain - hiding that condom I know used to cheat on your spouse with."

"So, I propose that you use a quarter of that mill to support doms and subs in Broward County - to build a dungeon created for us by us - the taxpayers and voting citizens."

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The woman closed her statement by telling the members not to get distracted by her "glamorous look" before adding: "I look forward to spanking each and every single one of you at the new esteemed dungeon- you are dismissed."

Hilariously, the council members remained unfazed by the encounter, with one of the commissioners responding: "OK, thank you."

The footage was soon shared to Twitter and has since racked up over 30,000 views and hundreds of responses, retweets and likes.

One person quizzed: "How did he keep from cracking up? I would have busted a gut out loud!"

Another crowned the footage "the best thing I’ve seen on the internet."

Meanwhile, a third added: "This is Epically Amazing!"

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