Mitt Romney dressed up as Ted Lasso—and people seemed confused

Mitt Romney dressed up as Ted Lasso—and people seemed confused

On Thursday, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) took to his Twitter to post photos of himself dressed as coach Ted Lasso, the mustache, sweater and khaki pants wearing company of the smash Apple TV+ show in one of this year’s most popular Halloween costumes.

But one of the posts, in particular, seemed to confuse, disturb and humour people.

In one video, an attached “believe” poster can be seen on his office door, a homage to the fictional soccer team AFC Richmond’s motto. Players in the program slap the sign for good luck before leaving the locker room, following an American tradition.

However, some legitimate teams, such as Liverpool, have placards that players slap on their way out of the tunnel.

In another clip, he was also spotted catching a football.

The photo that people had mixed feelings about was of Romney handing a box of Lasso’s famous biscuits to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), playing the part of AFC Richmond’s owner, Rebecca Welton.

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He even made a GIF of the photo with the caption: “Biscuits with the boss.”

“The thing that disturbed me the most was the mustache TBH,” someone wrote.

“What is Mitt Romney trying to accomplish here? I don’t get it,” another added.

“Is it weird that I just assume that box contains a campaign contribution? Also, this is incredibly sad,” wrote a third.

Check out what others had to say about Romney’s Lasso costume.

Despite the criticism, Romney appears to be continuing the Halloween spirit.

Yesterday, he also posed for a photo with “Pierre Dog-lecto,” referencing his infamous Twitter burner account Pierre Delecto.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ted Lasso was one of the most popular streaming series. In a report from Insider, the show’s second season created the illusion of full stadiums with computer-generated images (CGI) and extras shot in distant places.

According to Forbes, while Ted Lasso costumes have been popular this Halloween season, Netflix’s Squid Game has been topping sales with character-related ensembles in 2021.

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