MMA fighter gets nose broken so badly people think he looked like a Picasso

MMA fighter gets nose broken so badly people think he looked like a Picasso
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MMA fighter Blake Perry got his nose broken severely during a recent match - and now everyone thinks he looked like Pablo Picasso's art.

On Sunday (31 July), Perry, who was just in his second professional fight, took a knee to his nose from Marcel McCain at Urijah Faber's A1 Combat4 event in Stockton, California.

UFC Fight Pass' official Twitter shared a clip of Perry's condition as medics tried to clean the area as best they could before he continued on with the fight.

"That is… look at that," a commentator can be heard saying in the video.

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The clip went viral on social media, prompting people to wince at the pain Perry is most likely feeling.

They also made the comparison to Picasso's abstract work, in which faces and bodies were interpreted in a unique way.

One wrote: "If Pablo Picasso painted UFC..."

"That s*** is gonna hurt even worse when [they] have to reset it. I can almost hear the crunch," another added.

A third quipped: "Bro changed his nose to italics."

Someone else simply wrote: "That may be one of the worse nose breaks I've ever seen. Wow."

Check out other reactions below.

McCain was able to earn the first technical knockout victory, which improved to 1-1-0.

Perry's record, as a result, fell to 1-1-0. But despite his crooked nose, he was still ready to fight.

Seemingly being a good sport about what occurred, Perry decided to take to his Instagram Stories to reshare clips that were posted by other accounts of his new look.

"Y'all think his nose is broken?" one of the captions read.

Picasso was definitely into reworking and moving around the positions of noses. However, Perry also didn't really need much help from the Spanish painter and sculptor.

Updated on 1 August to include that Perry is an MMA fighter at Urijah Faber's A1 Combat4 event and not a UFC fighter

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