Australian model criticised for 'tacky' bikini fundraiser for Queensland floods

Australian model criticised for 'tacky' bikini fundraiser for Queensland floods
Australia: Heavy Rains Cause Deadly Flooding In Queensland

Former Love Island Australia star Phoebe Thompson has come under fire after asking people to subscribe to her OnlyFans so she can donate money towards those affected by the Queensland floods.

The Daily Mail reports that the 31-year-old model posted a story to her Instagram on Monday along with the caption: “Going to make a donation from my website to flood disaster in Qld... so get SUBSCRIBED”.

The paper said that some followers hit back at Thompson, and she shared screenshots of the responses to her story, too.

One critic said: “Just donate the money if you friking have it… in other words you want to help but you also want to [be] taken note of and make money through it too.”

They added: “How nice of u but what the hell do [you and] your [subscriptions] or tacky content have to do with donating or the supposed cause of this post”.

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Posting her side of the story to Instagram, Thompson clapped back: “This is my f***ing job! This is how I pay my rent and feed myself! If I don’t have a job I can’t make money to donate!

“What the f*** are you doing to try and contribute? Probably nothing but attack people online!

She continued: “I’ve seen multiple clothing brands saying they are putting a portion of the sales to the flood victims, are you attacking them too?

“Or are you just attacking me because how I make money is through my body… is this about slut shaming?

“If I owned a cafe and said I will be giving $1 from the coffees to help would that be acceptable? Or would you rather me donate nothing?

“Because regardless of whether my subscribers go up I will be donating but the more people that support my website the larger amount I can give away… sort your internalised misogyny out!

“And realise you’re actually bullying someone who’s willing to give money they earn from their job to help… how much are YOU donating?”

Thompson also reportedly posted a video to her Instagram story in which she said the outrage she received for her post “made [her] cry”.

She added: “'I was literally trying to do the right thing, I've got friends and family that are in Queensland who are suffering from these floods.”

The flooding in Queensland is the worst in decades. Thousands of people have had to leave their homes and at least 13 people have died, according to AP.

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