‘Appalled’ model received inappropriate text from Covid-19 contact tracer

<p>Charlotte Roffey followed protocol - but it led to an unwanted advance</p>

Charlotte Roffey followed protocol - but it led to an unwanted advance

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A model from Hampshire says she was left feeling anxious and uncomfortable after she received an unexpected text message from a Covid-19 Test and Trace employee.

After landing at Heathrow from a three-night break in Majorca with friends, Charlotte Roffey followed protocol and completed a passenger locator form. Two days later, the contact tracer visited Charlotte to ensure she was conforming to the Covid-19 ten-day self-isolation period.

The 29-year-old told The Sun: “He came to my door and we spoke for a while.

The horrified model was home alone when a Test and Trace employee sent her a flirty textThe horrified model was home alone when a Test and Trace employee sent her a flirty text@charlotteroffey / Instagram

”He told me he had already marked me as ‘at home’ on the system they use, but he had no uniform or badges that I was aware of.

“He was friendly. It didn’t feel professional at all, considering I had been anxious about someone coming to visit my home.”

Just a few minutes after she closed the door, she received a text, which read: “Do I have the permission to save your number at all?”

“Please ignore this if you don’t want that or have a husband or whatever lol.

“Apologies I asked.”

Charlotte received the text minutes after she had finished speaking with him at the door Charlotte Roffey

The appalled model was thrown off guard by the inappropriate text: “He used his power in a completely inappropriate way.” Charlotte also expressed concern about “any other woman in the same position.”

“I was alone and felt uncom­fortable that he had access to all my details”, she said.

“It was drilled into me that I must stay at home, and the consequences, if I didn’t, were a fine of up to £10,000. To then have someone arrive on my doorstep with such disrespect for the rules - illegally using my phone number - is ridiculous.

“I can understand why the Government is finding it so tough to enforce the rules and make people take things seriously.”

She also revealed, “The same man has since added me on social media networks and sent a friend request on Facebook.”

A spokesperson for the De­partment of Health and Social Care said: “We take complaints about NHS Test and Trace contact tracers extremely seriously and they will all be investigated and appropriate action taken.

“The Government expects all of our operatives to behave in a professional manner at all times and if people are not happy with the service — either the phone checks or in-person visits — you can complain to NHS Test and Trace online or telephone 119.”

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