Morgan Freeman talking on helium is worth 2 minutes of your time

Morgan Freeman talking on helium is worth 2 minutes of your time

Morgan Freeman


A hilarious clip of Morgan Freeman speaking while on helium has resurfaced online – and people can't get enough.

The Oscar-winning actor sat down with Jimmy Fallon a few years back when he reluctantly took the host up on his offer to try out helium.

A segment from the interview saw Fallon compliment Freeman's distinct voice, before saying he was intrigued to hear what he would sound like after inhaling the gas.

Fallon said: "So I thought maybe, I'd just do the same interview, conducting the interview, but before we talk... "

Freeman, looking confused, blankly stared back at the host.

"Come on, Morgan, come on, Morgan," Fallon said. "Don't quit on me now, Morgan! Don't cramp up in me now."

Lucky for Fallon, the Shawshank Redemption stareventuallyagrees, with both of them taking a deep inhale from their balloons.

"Do you ever wanna go to space?" Fallon asks, to which a squeakier Morgan responds: "I really shouldn't be doing this. It's very undignified."

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Morgan Freeman Chats with Jimmy While Sucking

The viral clip has racked up almost 17,000 comments since it was first uploaded.

One person wrote: "Regular Freeman: Voice of god. / Helium Freeman: Voice of mini-god".

"Even on helium, Morgan Freeman's voice sounds like an angel sent from the heavens of above," another added.

Meanwhile, a third poked fun at Freeman's laid-back response to Fallon's enthusiasm, writing: "He looked like a grandpa forced to do kids stuffs trying not to hurt his grandkids' enthusiasm"

Another joked: "'Heh, its so fun when you come here!' Morgan: *death stares*".

One fan gushed about the actor, writing: "I love how he knows how great he is and yet his charm still brings him down to the point that there's no hint of arrogance whatsoever. Morgan Freeman is just too awesome of an actor. Definitely one of my favourites."

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