Mother made to clean up after her son throws up in a supermarket

Mother made to clean up after her son throws up in a supermarket
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A mother was left furious after being made to clean up her son’s sick after he vomited in a supermarket.

There are many instances discussed online that divide the internet, such as this supermarket etiquette, and one woman has continued the conversation after revealing a horrible moment she experienced.

The anonymous woman shared on social media that she was in a Woolworths supermarket chain in Australia with her five-year-old and two-year-old when her youngest son vomited while they were at the self-checkout.

She tended to her son and apologised to staff for what had happened but was shocked when they told her she'd have to clean the mess up herself.

She explained: “Then I started to get really frustrated and flustered (I wasn't rude or anything like that), after I settled my son I apologised to staff for having to get someone to clean up, and the worker turned to me and said ‘no, you have to clean it up’.”

The woman explained she started clearing up her son’s vomit while trying to manage her two children who were getting fussy.

The mother continued: “My son was being a real handful the whole time, and we were so close to the front entrance that opened up to a busy road.

“I started to clean, and the employee told a worker to stand over me to make sure I cleaned it up, meanwhile my son was trying so hard to run out to see cars.”

The woman posted the story, asking other users if she should consider complaining to the supermarket and it’s fair to say the responses were split.

One person wrote: “'As someone who worked in retail, they should have assisted her by at least scanning her groceries while she tended to the kids. Or offered to watch them while she was cleaning up so that the kid didn't run out.”

Another said: “I’ve worked in retail for over 20 years and seen so many sick kids/grandparents. Never have I seen someone clean up their mess.”

But, others believe the responsibility for the mess lies with her and she should have cleaned it up.

“It would be lovely if the shop staff offered, however, they’re not obliged to and it’s 100 per cent your responsibility to clean up bodily fluids,” someone argued.

Another claimed: “That's so gross, you should never expect workers to do your job for you.”

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