People are divided over whether this supermarket habit is gross or not

People are divided over whether this supermarket habit is gross or not
8 Bad Shopping Habits You're Probably Making
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A woman has started a debate around shopping etiquette, with many calling her habit "gross".

During an episode of the Australian cooking show My Kitchen Rules, contestant Patricija was required to pick up the ingredients for a Lithuanian dish she was preparing.

One segment shows Patricija shopping for shallots, accidentally dropping one on the supermarket floor before simply putting it back on the shelf.

Many viewers turned to social media with their takes, with one calling it "just gross".

"I know we're supposed to wash our produce when we get it home from the supermarket, but no one does it," they added.

Another said the "right thing to do is to take it to a staff member and tell them it fell on the floor".

Meanwhile, a third jumped to her defence, confessing: "I put it back. If I damaged it beyond sellable I'd show it to the produce guy and tell him I dropped it. Then move on with my shopping."


In other shopping etiquette news, one woman shared the shocking moment she found what appeared to be used boxers on a rack in a clothing shop.

"Gross," she said in her viral TikTok clip. "Rather than leaving them there, I just did everyone a favour and threw them away, they didn’t belong here. I did notify a staff [member] of what I found and they thanked me for throwing it away."

One person commented: "That is so nice of you for taking it out of the racks, a lot of people would just leave it."

Another added: "Wait, you take the award for the number one best samaritan."

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