Mum paid two kids from 'bad area' to beat up her child's bully

Mum paid two kids from 'bad area' to beat up her child's bully
Bullying is on the rise in schools, studies show
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A woman has revealed the lengths her mother went to to get her childhood bully off her back.

Posting in the Petty Revenge subreddit, the woman opened up about a moment in her childhood when her mum came to her defence and got revenge on her daughter’s behalf by paying two other kids to 'beat up her bully'.

In a since-deleted post, the woman explained that she was in the third grade and being bullied by a kid in the same class who also lived in her neighbourhood.

One day when she was walking to her friend’s place, she a girl “fly across the room” and informed her mum, who called Child Protective Services (CPS). The kids, including her future bully, were taken away but soon returned to their parents.

She wrote: “Well when he got back he somehow found out my mom called CPS so at the bus stop before school he sucker punched me, I was down on the ground.

“Everyone saw it but didn’t say anything to anyone. Our teacher happened to be a close friend of my mom and her husband works with my dad so if I said something my parents would’ve found out instantly.”

Though the OP didn’t inform their parents, someone else did. She revealed her mother went to the “worst area” of Detroit and paid two kids $20 each to beat up the boy who punched her daughter.

Some Redditors in the comments couldn't help but be impressed with her mother’s protective instincts and joked that she was like some sort of mafia boss.

“Damn she literally hired them for their first mercenary job,” someone commented.

Another wrote: “Now this is a mob story I can get behind. Your moms is a bad ass. You also did the right thing trying to help that family.”

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