MrBeast reduced to tears after being buried alive for seven days

MrBeast reduced to tears after being buried alive for seven days
7 Days Buried Alive

MrBeast was reduced to tears during his latest challenge, which saw him buried alive in a coffin for seven days.

The YouTuber, real name Jimmy Donaldson, is best known for his highly elaborate and expensive stunts and challenges which can test his and others own physical limits.

In his latest video Donaldson attempted to better the record he set in 2021 when he was buried alive for 50 hours. This time the 25-year-old was encassed in a transparent coffin where the rest of his crew could see him via cameras and talk to him via walkie talkies.

Donaldson did have food and water supplies with him to help him last the seven days but it proved to be far more mentally tasking than he had anticipated.

During several moments in the challenge, including when he was being freed from the casket and the dirt, started to cry. Donaldson even admitted that he didn't understand why he was crying during these moments.

Although he made it through the challenge there was a concern that he might not be able to stand up properly as he might have developed blood clots in his legs.

Luckily for him that didn't transpire and he was given the all clear by doctor leaving him to celebrate passing the challenge and also achieving more than 200 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, with the milestone passing while he was underground.

This new achievement for Donaldson comes not longer after he was accussed by fellow YouTuber Rosanna Pansino of 'faking' his videos.

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