Is MrBeast trying to cure 1000 people's blindness?

Is MrBeast trying to cure 1000 people's blindness?
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Jimmy Donaldson, famously known as 'MrBeast' online, is one of YouTube's highest-paid and most-viewed creators on the platform, with his over-the-top stunts, challenges and generous donations.

Well, the YouTuber – who's amassed over 105 million subscribers on his main channel alone – is rumoured to be helping 1,000 blind people regain their vision.

In leaked footage posted to YouTube, Donaldson stated just that, after briefly touching on the project on the Flagrant podcast in September.

He said: "The one after that, we’re gonna try to fix 1,000 people’s eyesight. I think it’d be cool. Yeah, cause, like, a lot of people just can’t see, and the only reason that is, is they don’t have money, which kind of blows my mind."

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MrBeast Gets Flagrant and Walked Away from $1 BILLION

This week, a clip was shared to YouTube via user Breone that showed MrBeast saying: "In this video, we're curing 1,000 people's blindness."

The crowd erupted into cheers while the cameraman stood on a ladder to get the shot.

Details remain sparse, but fans of the YouTuber took to the comments to praise his reported efforts.

MrBeast Is Helping 1,000 Blind People...😱

"Just knowing what Jimmie does makes me smile helping dozens or thousands with their condition or status it's just amazing of him," one said, while another joked: "Jimmy’s becoming Jesus."

A third wrote: "Yet there are dudes that try to cancel this man even though he does all the good things for other people."

Meanwhile, one sceptic wrote: "Imagine he can't help them and doesn't release the video."

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