MSCHF's Big Red Boots have left the fashion world baffled

MSCHF's Big Red Boots have left the fashion world baffled
Model throws her shoes off Valentino runway after she trips over at …

Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF launched its Big Red Boots and the internet has been sent into a meme frenzy.

The boots are exactly as described, big, red and resembling something an animated children’s character would wear.

Unsurprisingly, the oversized footwear, retailing at $350 a pair, has caught the attention of the internet ahead of their release on 16th February.

Thanks to their highly unusual appearance, the boots have been compared to those worn by both the cartoon Astro Boy and Dora The Explorer’s monkey companion Boots.

A tweet by the footwear culture account Nice Kicks which shared a picture of MSCHF’s product has received almost 5,500 likes and certainly got the conversation around the upcoming release flowing.

The company also conducted its own marketing with people like basketball player Shai Gilgeous-Alexander seen wearing them in a post on MSCHF’s Instagram.

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On Twitter, people were left divided. One person wrote: “The way I just want to live out my 8yr old self Astroboy fantasies.”

Another wrote, “can’t wait” alongside a picture of Boots.

Someone else said: “got that Wallace and Gromit drip.”

“This how I used to draw everybody feet in elementary school,” another Twitter user joked.

Someone else wrote: “Man if y’all don’t get these big ugly ass Clifford the big red dog looking ass shoes outta here.”

Despite the mocking, others appeared serious about wanting to acquire a pair of the eye-catching shoes.

One Twitter user said: “I’m sorry I wanna buy me some so bad.”

Another said: "idc I’d wear these lol."

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