Mum expertly shuts down nurse who 'body-shamed' her teenage daughter


In today’s image-obsessed world, raising teenagers is a minefield.

Julie Venn, a personal trainer and mother of two, found this out the hard way.

Venn recently took her 13-year-old daughter Riley for her annual health check-up. She recalls that the nurse questioned Riley about her diet and exercise routine.

Concluding this awkward line of questioning, the nurse said:

"Tell me Riley, how can you explain all of this weight you’ve gained?"

Although it was in a medical setting, Venn was struck by the tactless delivery of this question and immediately sensed her daughter’s insecurity. She quickly stepped in to defend her.

In a viral Facebook post, she describes the incident.

"I put my hand up and said ‘STOP! You need to stop talking to my daughter about her weight. She is 13, she is strong. She is healthy and she is PERFECT. You need to move on!’

:Our girls need to be empowered and supported and celebrated. They already have to compare themselves to the ridiculous social media bullshit standards. They are flooded with images of perfection via TV, YouTube, FB, Instagram and Snapchat. Their whole freaking lives have a filter on them!!

"I hammer home the importance of eating healthy, exercising and of course sports because we are sporty people but my god! Kids eat junk food! Kids sit around watching Netflix! Kids get heavier, lighter, taller, wider! ITS NORMAL! Our young ladies need a break!"

Read the entire Facebook post below.

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