Mother lets her daughter sleep in the same bed as her because she can 'see dead people'

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Parents know all too well the struggle of getting the kids to sleep at night, and one mum has revealed the creepy reason why her daughter refuses to sleep in her bedroom.

TikToker Cristina Yang (@not.cristinayang) detailed in a video how this has led to her two-year-old daughter sharing a bed with her and her husband as a result.

“There's a reason my daughter sleeps in my bed at night,” Yang said at the beginning of the video.

“And it’s not because I think it’s so fun to snuggle up with a toddler who kicks me in the stomach and the face and screams at me for funsies it's not that."

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The TikToker then explained about how over a year ago she had put her daughter to sleep in her bedroom but noted that the youngster is big enough to climb out of her pack-in-play where she "screamed bloody murder and would not leave me alone."

After putting her daughter back in her crib "like eight times," Yang said she was tired so let her daughter sleep in the bed with her and her husband.


Reply to @vcarw77 this is why she sleeps in my bed #creepy #paranormal

A couple of nights later, Yang tried to put her back in the bedroom and try to make it a "fun place" by hanging out and playing in there so she would settle down, to which her daughter told her she didn't want to sleep in there.

And it's safe to say the reason she gave took her mum by surprise as Yang recalled: "She’s like, ‘Mommy, there’s someone else that comes in here. She looks just like you, but I know she’s not you.'"

“Excuse me, what?” Yang said and asked her about the person she sees after putting her to bed.

“She looks just like you Mommy," her daughter replied: "But she wants me to follow her inside my closet, and I don’t want to go with her."

“That’s not me,” Yang confirmed, and explained how she has “never asked her daughter to go inside her closet.”

“I’ve asked her to get stuff from her closet but not go inside with me," she added.

Since sharing the creepy video, Yang's TikTok has received 4.5m views, 762,000 likes, and several thousand comments from people who shared their reactions and similar experiences.

Some were freaked out from the story they had just listened to.

One person said: "It's giving Coraline," referencing the 2009 horror-fantasy film.

"Well, I'm not sleeping tonight now," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I don't claim this energy."

While others shared similar experiences they had to Yang's daughter went they were younger.

One person said: "Did anyone know how to float off the floor as a child? Weirdly I remember something like that happening like very young."

"That same happened to me as a child," another person wrote. "Mum thought my room was haunted. Found out as an adult I have hypnagogic hallucinations. Get her a sleep specialist."

Someone else replied: "This happened to me as a kid! I don't remember it but my mom does."

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