This Is Why We Eat Chocolate Bunnies for Easter
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A mum-of-ten has shocked people with the amount of money she spends on her kids for Easter, and it's pretty expensive.

Alicia Dougherty (@doughertydozen) is a content creator who shares what her the day-to-day life is like as a mother to ten children - Alex (16) James (15), Patrick (13), Bree (11), Zoey (9), Dash (8), Jordan (7), Jason (7), Bodhi (5) and Harlee (3) with her husband Josh.

In the lead up to the Easter holidays, Dougherty went viral when she broke down the gift baskets that she organises for her children and the pricey £1,140 bill that comes along with it.

"Easter is one month away but I’ve learnt the hard way that you’ve got to shop ahead of time when you’re shopping for ten kids because you need ten of everything," she explained in her YouTube video: "EASTER SHOPPING FOR 10 KIDS."

"If you shop too close to the holiday they’re wiped out. You're not gonna find 10 pairs of swimming goggles or 10 pairs of whatever you're buying."

While some may think that shopping for ten kids sounds like a stressful task, Dougherty doesn't feel this way and revealed why she likes the big gift shop.

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"Shopping is oddly my me-time, I enjoy it," she said. "People always say you know, 'what do you do for me time?' I'm like I shop and I cook, doesn't that count?"

She then takes viewers inside her shopping trip to Walmart where she breaks down what she's buying for each of her 10 kids.

"Every year, I get my kids a bucket as their Easter basket," Dougherty explained and in a TikTok video detailed what the contents of the buckets would be for each of her children:

Candy jewellery, game toys, Cadbury eggs, sunglasses, bunny bracelets, jelly beans, fidget balls, lollypops, bubble wands, pinwheels, pringles, chocolate bunnies, colour changing stress eggs, Peeps marshmallows, outfits, dive sticks, swim goggles, sidewalk chalk, rubber bunnies, cookie coops, blankets each with a stuffed animal, new fishing poles, new bathing suits, and beach balls.


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Plus Dougherty included 500 eggs for their family's backyard Easter egg hunt and showed herself putting one of every item into all 10 of the Easter buckets.

After her Walmart shop, Dougherty showed her long receipt to viewers which totalled $843 but noted how she still needs to order more outfits and Cadbury's eggs off of Amazon and Oriental Trading Company.

In the TikTok video, Dougherty shows everything she purchased from the online store, which totalled her amount of spending to $1483 (£1140).

Since sharing her Easter gift shop, the TikTok has received 842,000 views, 91,000 likes along with over a thousand comments from people who shared their surprise at the expensive costs.

One person wrote: "Crikey. In Australia the Easter bunny just drops off a couple bunny’s and eggs.. talk about over the top."

"Why so much?" another person asked.

Someone else added: "We just give chocolate eggs in the UK."

Though there were many that praised Dougherty's efforts at providing all of her kids with plenty of gifts.

One person wrote: "Wish I could afford all that. Good job momma they are gonna love it."

"Awww!! This is awesome. What lucky kiddos bless y'alls hearts. Such a sweet family," another person said.

Someone else replied: "Pls adopt me I’m not kidding."

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