Mum mistakes drunken stranger for her son and tucks him into bed

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A mother got an unexpected surprise on Sunday morning after she discovered the man she thought was her son was a complete stranger.

Juliet Jarvis from Kingsley Common in Surrey, was reportedly awoken at 4:30 am last Sunday to what she thought was her son Stewart, coming home from a Halloween themed night out.

She tucked the man, whose face was painted like a skull, into a duvet in her spare room and gave him a pillow to which he politely replied "Thanks."

Except, this wasn't Stewart at all.

It was 29-year-old Marc Campfield, who inexplicably wound up at the Jarvis household after being ejected for falling asleep in a club, in nearby Farnham.

Quite how Marc managed to find himself in Kingsley Common is frankly a mystery as he lives four miles away in Bordon.

The mix-up was flagged to Juliet in the morning by her husband Cliff.

According to The Sun, he announced:

There’s a naked bloke upstairs and it is not Stewart.

This could have easily turned into a home invasion movie but it actually turned out to be a heart-warming example of kindness and humour.

Realising what had happened, Marc, presumably in a hungover daze, tried to pretend that he knew Stewart.

Unfortunately for him, he quickly had to abandon that story when Juliet took his picture and sent it to her son.

At that point most people would have turfed this complete stranger back out onto the street but Juliet saw the funny side and brought him some of her son's clothes.

She explained the full scenario in a detailed Facebook post:

With regards to his bizarre experience, Marc said:

I could not have stumbled into the home of two more lovely people.

They were so understanding.

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