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A man has been slammed after not respecting his girlfriend's desire to stay away from him while he has Covid.

Writing on Mumsnet, the girlfriend explained she had been avoiding her boyfriend since he tested positive for the virus but he hasn't exactly been sympathetic.

She wrote: "My boyfriend tested positive for Covid [on] Monday and isn't well at all.

She said he had "usual symptoms" including a "temperature, coughing and aches" so she went to sleep in their spare room and has been cleaning doors and toilets "to hopefully kill the germs."

She hasn't been kissing him either and won't share a bed but rather than letting her be, she said he has been calling her "neurotic" and "stupid" and has told her she will "catch it anyway".

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"He said he feels awful I'm avoiding him like this," she said and asked whether it was her who was being unreasonable.

Responding to her story, people thought he was behaving terribly.

"I wouldn't just be in a different room from him, I'd be in a different house!" one said.

A second said: "He's being completely ridiculous. You may well end up getting covid despite your best efforts, but kissing him would be asking for it."

And a third wrote: "What an awful, dirty, disgusting man. He sounds horrible and really disrespectful, almost like he’s trying to get you to catch it. I’d also be in a different house, permanently."

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