Muslim man films himself returning stranger's wallet for an important reason

YouTube / BareGrillz

Fast-food delivery driver Peshraw Ahmed found a stranger’s wallet on a road in London, and the video of him returning it has captured hearts of thousands online.

The video shows Ahmed knocking on the wallet owner, Gavin’s door, and explaining that he was compelled to return it because Islam teaches that money should be returned to its rightful owner.

In this case, £220.

Gavin proceeds to tell Ahmed he's a good person, and explains that his family really needed the money. “You just saved my life,” he told Ahmed.

He said the wallet had his whole life savings in it.

You're such a kind person, there's nobody like you in the world.

He offered Ahmed a cup of tea, and even free guitar lessons, but he politely declined.

Check out the heartwarming video:

It’s had more than 8,000 shares on Facebook, and from the comments it seems Gavin had already been around the houses looking before Ahmed showed up :

People have praised his good deed, and rightfully so:

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