‘Mystic meerkats’ predict England victory against Netherlands in Euros

‘Mystic meerkats’ predict England victory against Netherlands in Euros
The ‘mystic meerkats’ at Drusillas Park have predicted a win for England in the semi-final of Euro 2024 (Drusillas Park/PA)

A group of “mystic meerkats” has predicted England will beat the Netherlands in the semi-final of Euro 2024, earning the Three Lions another shot at the footballing trophy.

The “psychic powers” of the meerkats at Drusillas Park in East Sussex have accurately forecast victories for the home team throughout the tournament so far, with their keepers hoping they continue their winning streak of predictions.

England will face the Netherlands in Wednesday’s semi-final after beating Switzerland in a penalty shoot-out on Saturday to reach the final four.

And according to the meerkats, the England squad should be guaranteed the win.

The animals make their selection by choosing one of two buckets of nuts – a favourite meerkat snack – each with a flag on the side to represent the opposing teams.

The containers are placed side by side before the meerkats are released, and whichever bucket is surrounded by the most animals is declared the winner, with the England offering being the firm favourite so far.

A group of meerkats surrounding a yellow bucket with an England flag on the side while a blue bucket with a Netherlands flag on the side is left untouchedThe meerkats’ at Drusillas Park have predicted another victory for England in Euro 2024 (Drusillas Park/PA)

Head keeper Gemma Romanis said “you shouldn’t doubt the mystic meerkats’ psychic powers”, adding her fellow keepers have “everything crossed” for England.

“I think we were all quite surprised with Saturday’s result, when yet again the England squad came through when we really needed them to,” Ms Romanis said.

“It just goes to show, that you shouldn’t doubt the mystic meerkats psychic powers.”

Drusillas head keeper Gemma Romanis crouching in front of the two buckets with the meerkatsDrusillas head keeper Gemma Romanis with her predictive pals (Drusillas Park/PA)

In their latest test, some of the predictive pack did show interest in the Netherlands bucket, with Ms Romanis adding: “So we don’t think it will be an easy match for the Lions.

“But they do seem sure England will pull it out of the bag again and make it through to the finals.

“We’re all keeping everything crossed for the England team and hoping they win as the meerkats have predicted.

“The meerkats have already forecast that England have what it takes to play their way into the finals, so it’s a double vote of confidence from them. Let’s hope it comes true on Wednesday.”

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