Tweet about name of game when you knock someone’s door and run away sparks debate
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There are some big things happening across the world at the moment, but it hasn’t stopped a debate about a slightly more trivial topic – the correct name for the game of knocking on someone’s door and running away.

The discussion was sparked after someone posted on Twitter to ask what people what they called the game.

And the feeling about the right name for the game – which many of us will have played as a child – is clearly strong, with the tweet receiving more than 2,000 responses thus far.

Some have said they called it “knock a door run”.

While others have, correctly, said the game is called ‘knock down ginger’:

Other strange names for the antisocial and, in this climate, not Covid friendly game apparently include “chap door run away” and “cherry knocking”.

Another person claimed it is called “knock a door run”:

The name “Chickenelly” is apparently used in some parts of Scotland, while “Knocky Nine Doors” was another name given.

Indeed a previous debate in 2018 revealed that location has a role in what you call the game. In the US, people call it “ding dong ditch”, and in Wales it is alarmingly called “knock out ginger”.

Others took the opportunity to joke about Amazon and other delivery services:

In case you were feeling inspired to introduce yourself to your neighbours, playing the game breaks an 1847 law which states it is illegal to “wilfully and wantonly disturb any inhabitant, by pulling or ringing any door bell, or knocking at any door.”

That’s us told.

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