UFC star Nate Diaz receives unsolicited fight advice from... Dominic Cummings

UFC star Nate Diaz receives unsolicited fight advice from... Dominic Cummings

Throughout his UFC career, it’s likely that Nate Diaz has been inundated with fighting prompts – from actual fighters and sporting professionals.

However, things took a bizarre turn of events last week after Boris Johnson’s former chief advisor hopped on Twitter to share some words of wisdom.

Diaz is hoping to fight Vicente Luque, but with his contract almost at an end, he will likely have to have an extension. Amid the ongoing debate over his UFC contract, the 36-year-old tweeted, “I’ll fight somebody.”

Cummings’ soon entered the ring with a passionate response, urging the fighter not to sign the contract.

“Do not sign new UFC contract, you will make more cash outside AND @danawhite will come do a deal at some point for trilogy @TheNotoriousMMA fight, but outside you’ll have much more leverage & make more $,” he said.

“Look how they screwed @GeorgesStPierre, now waiting for contract to expire.”

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Naturally, Cummings’ advice prompted an influx of responses across social media.

One warned Diaz against Cummings’ unsolicited prompts. “Word of warning Nate. The last people who followed Dom’s advice about leaving an organisation are now struggling to get gas and to put food on the table,” they said.

Another joked, “Yet another subject on which you haven’t got a clue about.”

“Nate, do not listen to this guy, you will regret it AND @Dominic2306 will tell you to go for a 250 mile drive at some point to check your eyesight, but really you’ll just need to go to @Specsavers”, one tweeted, “Look how it turned out for him, now he’s waiting for work to come in.”

While one humorously tweeted: “What has this world come to where Dominic Cummings is tweeting Nate Diaz? This wasn’t on my 2021 bingo card.”

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