Woman discovers neighbour tried to steal her cat with fake missing posters

Woman discovers neighbour tried to steal her cat with fake missing posters
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A woman has left viewers online confused, annoyed and close to heartbroken after revealing that her neighbour tried to steal her cat with fake missing posters.

The TikTok user, called Meg, expressed her shock after being told that her friends had seen posters with a picture of her beloved pet on them.

The cat was not lost at all, but the messages labelled it as missing and instructed people to call “Carol” if she was found.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 3.5 million times and has received more than a million likes, sees the user go to confront her “insane neighbour”.

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It shows Meg discovering that one of the posters claims the brown tabby had been missing for a while and is called Smudge – when the pet is actually called Moose.

“Ok so I keep getting Snapchats and apparently my cat is missing," she said. "She’s not, Moose is at home right now, but people keep sending me photos of a missing poster of my cat. I’m looking for one now because my cat isn’t missing."

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“I bet this is my f***ing neighbour," she added. “She’s been trying to claim this cat for f***ing months and now she’s reported it missing. I’m fuming.

"The absolute cheek of her to leave her phone number on it as well," she added. "I might just call it for a laugh and see what she says. Because, why is she trying to claim my cat?"

Pet owners around the world are fumingTikTok/simpleseas0n

A second video shows her call the woman, who tells Meg that she isn’t doing anything wrong and that the cat is actually hers "deep down".

She wasn’t done with the updates there, either.

She later kept followers up to date by writing: "This was the first public thing that she has done. I guess Moose just spends enough time at Carol's house that she thinks Moose is now hers, or that she's left us, I don't know.

@simpleseas0n Reply to @simpleseas0n part 3! can you believe the nerve of this woman #crazyneighbor #storytime #cat #karen #stolencat #petsoftiktok ♬ Just a Cloud Away - Pharrell Williams

"She has previously come to our house demanding that we give her cat back. and she is fully aware that Moose is our cat. She's 100 per cent aware of it, she just believes that she takes better care of her. Which is just not true, she's actually the reason why we've had to put Moose on a diet. I sent all my friends around town to rip down the posters. Moose is fine, she's downstairs asleep. She's all good."

Viewers were quick to voice their concern, with one saying: "Please don't let ur cat outside now. she will probably take it. Happened to my mom too!"

Another said: "Why can't people just adopt their own cats. it's genuinely not that hard trying to steal someone's kitty is so much harder and time consuming???"

One more offered their best advice, saying: "Girl you need to call the cops."

Every pet owner in the country can imagine the anger you’d feel after experiencing this – we just hope Carol never gets her way with “Smudge” any time soon.

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