Viewers spot massive plothole in Netflix's most-watched movie

Viewers spot massive plothole in Netflix's most-watched movie
Netflix releases Senior Year trailer starring Rebel Wilson

Viewers of Netflix's new and popular high school comedy Senior Year think they've spotted a massive plothole.

The comedy - which has a disappointing 24 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes despite praise from viewers - sees Rebel Wilson as Stephanie, a high school cheerleading captain.

She happens to fall into a coma before prom night after an accident on the mat.

More accurately, Stephanie's upsetting landing from a cheerleading stunt gets sabotaged by two fellow students, which places her in a coma for 20 years.

Many viewers didn't hesitate to point out that Stephanie's envious peer's actions were close to attempted murder and that their transgressions were never spoken of again in the film.

"The movie was very good [in my opinion], but yes, it bothered me how those twins and Tiffany didn't get arrested for attempted murder. They literally put her in a 20 Year coma!" one wrote on Twitter.

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"This ENTIRE movie, no one acknowledges the fact that it wasn't an 'accident' and those girls purposely hurt their captain, and she lost 20 years of her life..#senioryearnetflix #SeniorYear #Netflix," another added.

A third simply wrote: "The worst part about Senior Year movie on Netflix is that no one got in trouble for attempted murder."

People's confusion over this little loop comes not too long after Wilson told PEOPLE that a former male co-star sexually harassed her and tried to "destroy" her career.

Without naming the man responsible, the Australian actress said the unnamed individual "called her" into a room "and pulled down his pants."

Then while his friends were present, he asked her to perform an obscene act.

"It was awful and disgusting, and all the behaviour afterwards — this was all before #MeToo — where they kind of tried to destroy me and my career," she told the outlet.

"If it had happened after #MeToo, then I could have just blasted them."

Wilson, who is a trained lawyer, went on to say that she did what she could and documented the incidents.

"Because I'm a lawyer, I documented it. I called my rep. I got certain things in writing about what happened."

Elsewhere, Wilson said that if something like this happened again, she would "stand up" for herself.

"If it happened again, I would probably stand up for myself even more just because of the bravery of the other women that have stood up and now allowed me an opportunity," she said.

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