21 things you don't realise are making you look stupid

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The intelligence of a human being cannot be understated.

Everyday, millions of people can get out of bed, go to work, perform complex tasks, feed themselves and their family and then do it all again the next day.

If that doesn't show intelligence of even the smallest degree, we're not even sure what the word is supposed to mean.

However, the modern world can be a cruel mistress and there are always traps and pitfalls waiting to trip us up and discredit our intelligence.

Phoney news, photoshopped pictures, dodgy scams and con-artists lurk around every corner.

Stubbornness and an unwilling attitude to learn new things or appreciate different ideas aren't exactly a great advertisement for someone's intellect either.

Over on Reddit, users have been sharing the things that they feel show our distinct lack of intelligence as a species.

Here are some of the best.

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