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Another day, another depressing dating trend to add to 'ghosting', 'benching' and 'bread crumbing'.

Dating is difficult enough without having to remember all of these various trends. Once upon a time, if someone stopped messaging you back, that was that - now it seems we need a glossary of terms.

A new name for one of the reasons dating can be quite a challenge is 'submarining,' and it isn’t as exciting as it may sound.

You know how submarines can disappearing without a trace, then resurface weeks or even months later?

Yeah, it’s that, but just with the person you’ve been dating. And their return to your dating app or text messages rarely bodes well.

It all starts, the Metro explains, when you start seeing someone and it’s all going well. Until they ghost you. Disappear without any explanation at all.

Then, months later they appear back into your life and DMs like nothing ever happened. They might just reply to your text from three months ago like they had just sent it. Or make up a weak excuse of some kind.

Whatever the reason is behind the absence, it's a little worrying. And it's a common enough behaviour to be given its own name.

Update your dating dictionaries and prepare to moan about 'submarining' in the pub - this word could be here to stay.

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