<p>Two women sneak into Xi’an Famous Foods restaurants and the owner roasts them online.</p>

Two women sneak into Xi’an Famous Foods restaurants and the owner roasts them online.

Photo courtesy of Jason Wang/YouTube

Two drunk women apparently snuck into a restaurant over the weekend to cook up some dumplings—and the founder poked fun at them online.

Xi'an Famous Foods, the restaurant in question, is best known for slapping and stretching the dough for their hand-pulled noodles.

The restaurant founder Jason Wang took to the company's Facebook to discuss the situation in detail. He even included the Nest video camera footage that he uploaded to his YouTube channel.

"So, two trespassers came in and started trying to cook dumplings (inexplicably, in cold water). While we can respect that one has cravings for our food late at night, it is still trespassing, and it's really not OK for you to feel so entitled to be able to waltz into a commercial kitchen (even if the door was unlocked, it's still closed) and start fumbling with equipment and food," Wang said in the Facebook post.

He also noted that this particular location had an "electronic lock unexpectedly disengaged due to a temporary power failure" in the post.

At around 12:30 am EST on Sunday, the women went to one of the restaurant's eight New York City locations, which they presumably didn't know was caught on Nest video cameras.

"Are we trespassing?" asked one of the women.

“I mean, I don't think we could... Hello, order number 100," the other woman yelled.

Then the other woman who asked about the trespassing went on to say, "I'm making myself some noodles."

"Why is it slippery on the floor?" "Cause noodles are made in oil," the women said in their interaction.

"I found some balls," one of the girls said until it was revealed that it was dumplings.

“Don't you dare turn those fryers on," one of them said

"Hey, I worked in the food industry," the friend with dumplings in her hand said confidently.

As one of the women stepped out of the frame, they both continued to chat about the situation they were getting themselves into.

"Are we gonna get in trouble?" one of the women, who is now the designated lookout person, said.

"I mean, they should have locked it, so no," said the partner.

After the lookout person was trying to figure out what she was looking for and the continuous rummaging around with the kitchen equipment, the woman left in the kitchen let one of the cookers rip and looked for some more food as the partner turned up the lights.

Soon after, the lookout wanted to bail on the mission.

"I don't want to do this. They're gonna get mad at us," she said.

Her partner was trying to figure out who was going to get mad, to which the lookout person said, "The light people."

Now, both of them are spooked by the situation and decided to cease the operation altogether. But they still decided that they wanted some takeaway, stealing a bag of uncooked dumplings.

The restaurant continued to say that they hope the women "enjoyed the bag of dumplings" they stole with the PSA that "they don't cook in cold water." The post also noted that when they are ready to pay for the food and other expenses, contact them via their website and that a police report hasn't been filed yet.

"If you do reach out soon, there's no hard feelings, and you can continue to enjoy XFF in the future (when we are open and pay for your food), and this will just be a funny story to tell your friends," the added.

The company also has a bit of a humorous side, as Wang added in some commentary to the video transcription of the women's dialogue.

While speaking to indy100, Wang revealed that he still hasn’t received “any notes from the suspects get, but with more coverage, we hope they will take my offer of an “out” to come out of the situation a better person.”

He also states that he is for “restorative justice” and believes this a great “initial way to get accountability for this situation, as police are not the most effective in helping in these situations. This is speaking from experience as a minority business owner of who has tried to ask for help from police in the past for various issues.”

People in the comments were angered but impressed with Wang and the company's handling of the situation.

“You're too kind! I would've thrown the book at them...literally," someone said.

"Omg. I cannot believe the audacity of some people. I have to say I do miss Jason's humor," another added.

Check out the full video below.

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