Bill de Blasio, a white man, is at a pool, smiling and wears a white hat, pink floral shirt with blue flowers, and blue tinted sunglasses, which reflect a woman’s chest.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted more than just a ‘bright future’ in the mayor’s post


Reflections in photos always have the potential to reveal a terrible blunder, and for New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, things definitely went tits-up.

While the process to elect his replacement continues, de Blasio visited Bushwick Pool in Brooklyn on Saturday to celebrate its reopening - sporting a white hat, floral shirt and blue tinted sunglasses.

The mayor had a great time judging by a photo he posted to social media with the caption: “The future of New York City is so bright I gotta wear shades.”

However, eagle-eyed Twitter users soon spotted a mishap hidden within the poolside image...

His “shades” featured the reflection of a buxom woman.

According to the New York Post, the pic was swifly deleted and replaced with a more innocuous version a short while later.

Yet of course, when something is uploaded to the Internet, it’s very hard to take it down, and users soon responded to point out the gaffe:

Others, meanwhile, compared the mayor’s bizarre look to famous pop culture characters:

With all this shade thrown his way, de Blasio probably doesn’t need to wear the sunglasses anymore.

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