Chilled-out New Yorker goes viral for super-relaxed interview during snow storm

Chilled-out New Yorker goes viral for super-relaxed interview during snow storm
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New York may be recovering from an epic snowstorm at the moment, but one New Yorker's chilled-out attitude about the extreme weather has particularly tickled the internet.

The "historic" blizzard hit the East Coast of the US triggered a state of emergency in New York.

Reporter Zhane Caldwell from News 12 Brooklyn braved the elements to deliver a report from the snowstorm and while most people were following advice to stay inside, she managed to track down one person to chat to while the snow continued to fall.

"It is literally freezing outside and all day we've been telling people just to stay indoors. But of course, some people still feel the need to come out, adventure out here.

"So we found my friend, Donnell," Caldwell said as Donnell stopped looking in the distance with a hot beverage in hand and turned to talk to the presenter - but not before he gave a look at the camera and raise his cup in a toast.

When asked what brought him here in these extreme conditions, Donnell replied: "I'm just loving the snow, I'm from New York City this ain't nothing to me, you know Brooklyn's finest I'm here baby - I love it, I love it. I feel good."

"I see you had to come get your cup of coffee," Caldwell replied, as Donnell took a sip out of his cup and toasted to the camera once again.

"Oh my God it's good, had to," Donnell answered.

Caldwell couldn't help but notice that New York native wasn't wearing any gloves, which Donnell put down to being "born and raised in New York City."

"This ain't nothing," he added before sharing his thoughts on the current snowstorm sweeping across the East Coast.

"But it's gonna get worse, so I will advise y'all to stay at home and stay safe."

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So where was Donnell heading to in the middle of a blizzard?

Work is the answer - now that's some serious dedication to his job.

"I really went for my job but it looks like they might not be opening but for the meantime imma just chill."

One viewer (@SkipMade) was clearly amused by Donnell's comments and laid-back attitude so shared the clip to Twitter and wrote: "Lmao I love my New Yorkers," and the post garnered over 55,000 likes and nearly 9,000 retweets.

Of course, people loved Donnell's relaxed energy despite his chaotic snowy surroundings.

They also found it hilarious that he had his coat open to display his outfit and were amused at the irony of him warning people to stay safe and stay indoors.

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