NHL fans singing Blink-182's 'All the Small Things' go viral

Colorado Avalanche train ahead of Stanley Cup Final Game 2

Colorado Avalanche fans have been enjoying a great time of it recently in the Stanley Cup Final, and they’ve been celebrating by singing a 90s classic en masse.

Rather than blasting out their team’s anthem, or a more traditional sporting chant, they’ve been keeping themselves entertained by singing a rendition of Blink-182’s 'All the Small Things'.

The Avalanche have started a new tradition by singing the track at their home games, and it's been making headlines around the world.

Recordings of thousands of fans inside the ground joining in with a rousing rendition of the song have gone viral.

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Footage shows the crowd belting out the pop punk classic as the Avalanche took down the Tampa Bay Lightning 7-0 in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Why has it become a crowd anthem at the Ball Arena in Denver? It’s not entirely clear.

The team’s DJ is said to have randomly heard the track on the radio a few years ago and thought it would make a good anthem.

Like most things worth treasuring in fan culture, it sprung up spontaneously and now fans would be disappointed if they didn’t get to sing along to the song at home games.

The side were celebrating after hammering Tampa Bay Lightning in the second leg of the Stanley Cup final, and Lightnight’s captain Steven Stamkos had a word of apology after the game.

“You guys all saw what happened tonight. That's totally not acceptable. Especially at this time of year,” he said.

“Listen, people are gonna be watching this game tonight and probably think the series is over. But our group, we're a very resilient group.

"Whether it's 1-0 or 7-0 or 10-0, it's a loss in the playoffs — and you gotta move on. We've got to man up, as a team and as a person. Our team is going to do that. Let’s get back home in front of our fans, and let's see what we're made of."

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