Farage gets pranked during speech with banner of Vladimir Putin saying "I love Nigel"

Farage gets pranked during speech with banner of Vladimir Putin saying "I love Nigel"
Led by Donkeys interrupt Nigel Farage speech by lowering huge Putin banner
Led by Donkeys

A political campaign group pranked Reform UK leader Nigel Farage during a speech he was giving, revealing a banner with a picture of Vladimir Putin with one of his thumbs up along with the caption: "I love Nigel."

Farage was giving a speech at a rally in Walton, Essex when an electronic banner came down slowly revealing the message.

Anti-Farage campaign group Led By Donkeys revealed it was them who organised the stunt.

In a social media post, the group said: "We just dropped in on Farage's election rally with a beaming picture of Putin. Nigel was not pleased."

Someone in the crowd filmed the moment which was posted online.

In the viral clip, a banner slowly came down behind Farage with the message: "I love Nigel."

As it continued, a picture of Putin emerged above it.

It happened at the moment Farage's audience was clapping him for comments he made about what was being taught to children in schools.

There were a couple of laughs from the audience once it was in full view; Farage said: "Who put that up there?"

Later in the video, Farage said "go on, rip it down" as other crowd members shouted similar remarks before a chant of "rip it down" started.

It took a while for anyone to try and take it down before two men emerged to try and pull it down.

One man can be heard shouting loudly "go on, rip it down" whereas a woman can be heard laughing at the attempt to get rid of it.

The men tried to get rid of it but were unable to do so before walking off the stage rather sheepishly.

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