Wetherspoons is dropping Sunday roasts from its menu and (surprise) absolutely no one can cope


Probably one of the foremost bastions of Britishness in the 21st Century is going to Wetherspoons and having a Sunday roast.

The pub chain, ubiquitous on high streets and ever popular, is to many a sacred haven of affordability and Apple Sourz.

To follow that tipple - a delectable aperitif - Wetherspoons until very recently was also known for its Sunday roasts. What these lacked in quality, they made up for the fact that they cost less than a pint in a lot of other pubs.

But this weekend news broke that Wetherspoons intends to drop Sunday roasts from its menu. The company is rolling out a number of changes to its dining concept. There are whispers that #FishFriday could be departing too, along with other themed evenings such as #WingWednesday. Everything, right now, is a little hazy. It's upsetting people.

What's happening here?

Nobody seems to know what's going on. But what people do know is that the Wetherspoons roast will soon be no more.


'Just Jess' has resorted to prayer.

The news has also ignited a feminist issue.

It appears to have made Matt, who supports the 'Leave.Eu' campaign, a bit racist.

The great thing about this country is that popular low-budget pub chains also offer exceptional mobile office facilities.

Dominic Jackman is correct. Is scrapping Sunday roasts the new Brexit?

Sunday roasts are more British than the EU, after all.

We should point out that not everybody is as annoyed as George Hogg. Some clearly back the decision.

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