How to survive the first hour of a nuclear attack


Like first aid and your favourite foods in other languages – there are just some things that are worth knowing.

It’s also worth knowing how you might survive a nuclear attack. Just, you know, in case.

The size and impact of a nuclear bomb would vary, but a blast could stretch to a mile in diameter.

You need to get away from the explosion, and hidden from radioactive materials.

This is what you’ll need to do in the event that there's a nuclear explosion, according to

  • Don't look at the bright light of the explosion
  • Keep your mouth open to avoid your eardrums bursting from the pressure
  • Stay out of the way of any tall buildings that look like they could fall
  • Listen out for official information on the TV and radio if you can, as advice of where to go and what to do could depend on what intelligence the government has on the attack and future threats

If you can get to a built-up area:

  • Take cover, underground if possible. This is when that underground bunker you built in the back garden will really come in useful
  • If you can’t get underground, go to the nearest building, preferably one made of brick or concrete. There may be radioactive material outside you’re going to want to avoid
  • Try to go as far underground as possible, or in the centre of a tall  building so to put as much material between you and outside as possible
  • Don't leave where you are to find loved ones you've been separated from
  • Get comfortable. You can expect to stay there for at least 24 hours. 

If you're stuck outdoors:

  • Lie down and protect your head if there's a blast. Then remove and leave behind your outer layer of clothing and find shelter as soon as possible. If possible, seal your clothes in a plastic bag.
  • When possible, take a shower, being careful not to scratch the skin. Shampoo your hair but don't use conditioner as this binds materials together and makes them harder to wash out.

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