NYC subway rat spotted carrying a whole crab through station

NYC subway rat spotted carrying a whole crab through station
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We all know that in New York City, the rats that infest the place don't play by anyone else's rules but their own.

A new video that has surfaced online shows a NYC subway rat carrying a whole crab through the station, much to the horror of one person waiting to hop on the oncoming train.

Reddit user MrBonelessPizza shared the video on the subreddit forum SubwayCreatures, a side of the website dedicated to "all the weird shit you see on public transit."

In the video, we see the rodent carrying its latest find by its mouth.

Screenshot of videoReddit

It's becoming a bit of a running joke in the city that the rats are evolving and this video is a gross example of how true this sentiment is becoming.

Still, when it comes to the other widespread stories people in NYC have about an experience with the rats, this one is fairly tame in comparison.

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"Finally, New York gets its own superheroes. I'll pay $100 to see Pizza Rat vs Crab Rat: Subway Showdown," one person commented.

"They stepping their game up. We fancy now," another person wrote.

Others asked some important questions in the replies.

"Where'd it get a crab? Did it go all the way to a seafood market on the surface to steal it?" one Reddit user asked.

"Lol do raw crabs even smell good for rats?" another joked to which someone horrifyingly replied, "Yes, everything smells good for rats. Ever heard of rats nibbling on toes while people sleep? It's a thing."

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