A woman in Washington has gotten herself a pretty serious infection after taking a “fun” photo with an octopus on her face.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Jamie Bisceglia said that she was participating in a salmon fishing derby in Tacoma when she decided to take the photo with an octopus one of her friends had caught.

“I grabbed it off the hook and said, ‘Take a picture for the photo contest,’” she told HuffPost, realising that she wasn’t going to win the salmon fishing contest and had to grab her glory another way. Pretty foolishly, she put it on her face, not panicking until the octopus actually bit her chin. Its beak got stuck in her face – she said that her friends noticed her face had changed, and that they “couldn’t get the beak to dislodge – it was like a prong.”

She managed to get away eventually, but bled for 30 minutes and still has a “pus pocket” on her face. Despite that big scare, she still waited two entire days until the derby was over before she sought medical help. When she finally got to a doctor, the left side of her face was paralysed and swollen.

She’s now on antibiotics and on a mission to prevent other people from being as stupid as she was.

“My advice is, know what you’re touching beforehand”

Maybe better advice would be to not put wild creatures on your face for five minutes of fun? After all that, she still apparently boiled and grilled the octopus for revenge. Vicious.

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