A TikToker has gone viral for her uncanny resemblance to the singer Olivia Rodrigo.

TikTok user Shelby Kandrade (@shelbykandrade) has garnered 2.4 million views in one week for her Halloween transformation into the ‘good 4 u’ singer.


Happy Halloween #fyp

The video, captioned ‘Happy Halloween’, even got the attention of Ms Rodrigo herself who commented “YASSS” in response. “OMFG HI”, Shelby replied.

The TikTok uses a popular audio commonly used for style transformations, which features Ms Rodrigo’s song ‘enough for you’.

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Shelby then reveals her Halloween costume of a blue and white cheerleader costume, long gloves and hair clips – just like Olivia in her iconic ‘good 4 u’ music video.

The video attracted over 600,000 likes and 6,000 comments, with users commenting: “If I saw you on the streets I would’ve thought you were Olivia” and “20 shots in and I would be asking for an autograph and a live performance of favourite crime” – another one of Olivia’s most popular songs.

However, others disputed the resemblance, with one user commenting “you look exactly like her but also not at the same time” and another saying Shelby looked like “an Olivia variant”.

Do you get ‘déjà vu’ from Shelby’s TikTok?

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