OnlyFans model reveals unhinged messages from men after posting about new car

OnlyFans model reveals unhinged messages from men after posting about new car
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An OnlyFans model has opened up about the abuse she received after posting about her new car online.

Australian star Laura Lux shared a screenshot of an unhinged response she got when she posted about her car in a Subreddit about Audis.

She explained: “Posted about my car in the Audi subreddit and men are being extremely Normal and Chill about it lmao.”

In the long written response comprising six separate paragraphs, the person said that they “despise” Lux and called her “disgusting”.

The since-deleted comment read: “Your looks will fade, and you will be left alone when your boyfriend finds skmeone [sic] younger/with better morals than you once of [sic] cash dries out.”

It continued: “You should be driving a (Renault) Clio. That’s what you deserve. I despise all that you are. Disgusting. I truly hope your life gets back on track.”

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In another tweet, Lux wrote: “It’s so funny dude like you can’t even be offended by this because it’s so completely unhinged.”

Another user asked: “How many podcasts does it take to get this angry at a woman posting pictures of their car?”

Someone else agreed: “This is wild!!!!! Imagine having so much hatred and misery inside yourself? I just do not understand behaviour like this? Seek help u f***ing fruit loop, sir!”

“Dude was def sweaty/trembling/veins popping/blood pressure rising/self-loathing when he typed out this f***ing novel,” another suggested.

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