OnlyFans influencers in feud after one says the other looks 'fat in person'

OnlyFans influencers in feud after one says the other looks 'fat in person'
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Two Australian social media influencers and OnlyFans content creators seem to have beef after one called the other "fat" in a deleted video.

In a Snapchat post from 9 December, Kerri Gribble, who has 119,700 followers on TikTok, can be heard speaking about her in-person experience with Mikaela Testa, an influencer with more than 3.1 million TikTok followers.

"Mikaela Testa is fat in person," Gribble said in the short video, which was reshared by people on TikTok who slammed her sentiments.

“The pride as she is saying this is truly what is f***ing wrong with this world,” one person said in a video.

On 9 December, Testa seemingly responded to Gribble's comments that targeted her weight - and her comeback was great.

"A girl I met at an event called me fat on her snap story hours later. If she thinks this is what 'fat' is, I'm concerned," the onscreen caption read.

People took to the video's comment section, saying the incident angered them.

They also jumped to her defense, calling her "beautiful."

One person wrote: "You are beautiful!!! Jealousy is a disease. Kerri could NEVER COMPARE."

"You look healthy & glowing. You are far from fat. I don't know how other women can say such horrible things about other women. keep doing you, queen," another added.

A third wrote: "I'm confused tho because she said you were so sweet and commented on ur vids and stuff, then says this. Girl, I'm so sorry."

Testa saw this comment and added: "It's a sad, fake world."

In a report from the Daily Mail, Gribble posted a social media statement addressing the criticism she's faced.

"When first meeting Mik, she was super kind and lovely, and same with the second time. I was taken aback because Mik looked different in person BUT not bad!! She was still gorgeous," Gribble wrote, according to a screenshot of the message obtained by the Mail.

She also said that she doesn't think Testa is "fat" and believes the word isn't insulting.

"Fat is not a disgusting word to me," the screenshot reads.

In another video that is no longer available to watch on Gribble's page but reuploaded by another account, Gribble reiterated how she was "genuinely taken aback" when she met Testa.

This isn't the first time Testa realised people had things to say about her body.

In TikTok from November, the influencer said she had gained a couple of pounds. However, she accepts herself.

"Maybe I like being bigger. Maybe I like being thick," she said.

Testa shares travel and lifestyle vlogs on TikTok, but she shares the more provocative content on OnlyFans.

Elsewhere, Testa faced backlash after sharing a video of herself driving a $100,000 Tesla through Los Angeles' Skid Row, a neighbourhood that has a high level of homelessness.

Indy100 reached out to Gribble and Testa for comment via Instagram DM.

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