OnlyFans teacher faces sack from her school if she doesn't delete her page

OnlyFans teacher faces sack from her school if she doesn't delete her page
This B.C. teaching assistant's OnlyFans account might get her fired

A teacher is being faced with losing her job after her school demanded she either take her OnlyFans account down or be sacked.

Kristin MacDonald, a British Columbia school teaching assistant, is involved in a standoff with the school board after she was asked to take down her “Ava James the Dommy Mommy” account on the adult site.

Despite MacDonald trying to keep the account entirely separate from her job in education by never revealing her real name, last month a complaint was made about her content and now she faces either removing her account and losing the income, or keeping her TA job and losing the OnlyFans money.

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However, MacDonald argues that living in Vancouver, one of the most expensive places in Canada, she would not be able to cover her bills as a single mother without the OnlyFans content supplementing her TA income.

She explained to Global News: “We don’t make a livable wage, and we’re in one of the most expensive places in Canada,” adding, “I do love my job. I love connecting with students. I think I’m good at my job.”

MacDonald argued she should be able to do both, saying: “I do believe that I should be able to continue on. I’m not hurting anyone. I’m not breaking the law. So I stand by where I’m at right now.”

She added: “I really want to talk about the stigma… and let’s have more conversations about women owning their sexuality, being proud of their body.”

MacDonald said she is being supported by her union and is hoping that it won’t come to her having to choose between OnlyFans and teaching.

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