Woman makes £2m after dropping out of uni and pretending to be a giant on OnlyFans

Woman makes £2m after dropping out of uni and pretending to be a giant on OnlyFans
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Pivoting to OnlyFans as an avenue for making money has proven to be a successful move for many. For one content creator, she was able to make a cool £2m pretending to be a giant on the platform.

Kaya Corbridge is a 25-year-old who has acquired around 100,000 subscribers on her site, featuring photos and videos catering to various fetishes.

For Corbridge, monetizing her content has allowed her to quit her degree in international relations at Leeds Beckett University due to receiving a steady revenue from her work online.

She first joined OnlyFans back in 2017 and has been asked for everything from pictures of her feet, to pretending to be a giant.

Corbridge told LeedsLive: "I've had people asking me to shave my hair off, I've had invites to people's weddings which is a bit strange. These people have never met me."

"There are food fetishes, where people want me to pour beans on myself, there's a giant fetish where people want me to pretend that I'm a giant and I'm squashing them," she added.

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She then explained the process of how she is able to create the illusion of herself becoming a giant, saying: "So in that, I use the camera angle on the floor to make me look bigger and like use a little Lego man that they pretend is them.

"It doesn't feel strange at all anymore. Nothing surprises me anymore, it's just normal for me now."

Although she has many paying subscribers, Corbridge revealed that she has also given out free subscriptions to "give back" to health workers during the pandemic and disabled people.

"I've been able to travel the world, which was my lifelong dream. I've been able to help my family, put through my sister through education, help my brother buy a house, help my parents if they need it," she added of her experience on the site.

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