Bride and groom optical illusion leaves people baffled

Bride and groom optical illusion leaves people baffled
This optical illusion will reveal how confident you are

An optical illusion of a bride and groom has sparked confusion online leaving people baffled as to what they were looking at.

The picture, which was shared on imgur, saw user camhanson write: "For the past 10 minutes I've been trying to explain to my sister-in-law that it looks like her legs are over her husband's shoulders...she doesn't see it."

Sure enough, the picture looks exactly like that as the husband appears to have picked up his new wife and draped her legs over her shoulders as if he were about to give her a powerbomb (one for the wrestling fans out there).

However, there's a problem as we can clearly see one of his hands and if she were sitting on his shoulders its unlikely he would be able to support her and stop her from falling in that position.

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Take a look for yourself:

Now it's easy to what the confusion was about her but it's easy to see what's actually going on when you look at the groom's back.

All that has happened is that his white shirt has blended into her white dress to create the illusion that her legs are over his shoulders. However, her 'legs' are actually just his arms.

Phew, confusion over.

On Bored Panda, people had to take a few moments to comprehend what their eyes were seeing.

One person wrote: "Omg I need coffee, not only does it look like her legs are on her shoulders but it also looks like she has a jetpack in her butt."

Another said: "And when you see it, you can't unsee it."

A third added: "I needed way to long time to see that her 'legs' are his arms.

This isn't the first optical illusion to leave people baffled in recent weeks. We've had dogs turning into cats and illusions that only one per cent of the population can read.

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