Micah Horn/Twitter

A photo of a cotton picking machine in a field is confusing people on Twitter.

We know the internet loves an optical illusion - but when Texas photographer Micah Horn took a photo of a John Deere cotton picking machine at night, he probably didn't think it'd become the latest fascination.

The farmer in one of the machines photographed, Brandon Brieger, tweeted the image, picking up a few hundred retweets and a few thousand likes at the end of October.

People began to see what they wanted to see in the image, picking up thousands of retweets in the process:

Soon it hit Reddit, and Facebook pages were then using it as prime #content:

Basically, people are still shook:

Whether this will be one of the best optical illusions of 2017 is yet to be seen.

Here are the best of 2016, while you're here - there are some absolute mindbenders.

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