Can you figure out what this divisive optical illusion tattoo is trying to say?

Can you figure out what this divisive optical illusion tattoo is trying to say?
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With tattoos becoming ever more mainstream, there is no shortage of weird and wonderful body art to look at.

But, while some are clearly works of art to be admired, it seems others require a bit more brainpower to figure out what they mean.

In a post on Reddit, some ink has got people confused, as the bizarre lettering has people divided over its meaning.

The apparent tattoo is a series of letters of different sizes that seem to spell out different words when read that way.

The large letters read, “IF NO HEN”, while there are two sets of smaller “TW” letters in front and behind them.

When read correctly, the tattoo is meant to say, “If not now then when” but it’s not immediately obvious.

Captioning the thread, the original poster wrote: “IF NO T W TW HEN?”

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In the comments, one person joked: “This was actually someone fixing a tattoo that said NO HEN, after leaving the Hen Hate club, they no longer have any ill will towards poultry.”

“First thing i saw was ‘if no hen’,” another wrote.

Someone else added: “Even when I try to come up with a logical system for reading it, I still can't get better than ‘IFNOT IFNOW THEN WHEN’.”

But another user commented claiming “its sharpie” – perhaps just as well considering the confusion it caused.

In other tattoo news, a Manchester-based tattoo artist is giving people realistic six-packs by tattooing them on their stomachs.

Elsewhere, someone else got a tattoo of the infamous Will Smith-Chris Rock slap at the Oscars.

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