'Online challenge' results in man ruining his entire apartment building

'Online challenge' results in man ruining his entire apartment building
Loudoun County assaults could be tied to "Orbeez Challenge"

Sometimes, a viral video comes along that’s so stupid it makes you lose faith in humanity just a little bit.

A Frenchman decided to fill his bath with colourful absorbent balls, which ended up blocking his drains and ruining his entire apartment building's plumbing system.

The video, which has resurfaced after originally being posted in 2020, sees a man fill his tub with Orbeez.

If you’re not familiar with the toys, they’re small balls that expand in water and grow many, many times their original size.

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The man had the idea to run his bath, pop them in and get in himself for a video. It sounds tame enough, but he had no idea the problems he was about to cause.

If he’d scooped the balls out afterwards that would have been fine, but instead he decided to pull the plug out and let them disappear down the drain.

French Guy destroys life with

That’s where the problems for him – and his neighbours – began. After they start disappearing down into the sewer, they’re soon seen shooting up out of every outlet in his place.

The toilet and the sinks are soon full of the balls, and everything on the pipeline is soon blocked.

It’s quickly apparent that his neighbours are suffering the consequence too.

According to the video, his neighbours had Orbeez in their sinks and toilets as well. The clip also shows the outside sewer line had been also been blocked.

Bepske Kaatje/YouTube

Wacky “challenges” like this one are becoming more commonplace on platforms TikTok, but it’s unclear where they originate from.

Some social media users have questioned just how real the video is, but if the clip is faked, you’ve almost got to admire the lengths the man will go to for a viral gag.

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