Overwatch 2’s D.Va is now top of Pornhub's search trends

Overwatch 2’s D.Va is now top of Pornhub's search trends
Overwatch 2 Official Launch Trailer

The video game Overwatch 2 may have experienced some issues upon launching, but that didn't stop one of its animated characters from shooting to the top searches on Pornhub.

Just two weeks after the hotly anticipated sequel dropped, the popular female character D.Va garnered a lot of attention from the masses, who turned to the adult site to thirst over the fictional animation.

The creator Blizzard described D.Va (also known as Hana Song) as the "best of the best" – in a video gaming context, of course. They praised the character for utilising "her nimble reflexes and quick thinking to pilot a state-of-the-art mech in defence of her homeland."

Earlier today, Pornhub's popular searches listed D.Va at the top of the trends, according to Kotaku. She was even said to knock famous adult actresses away from the top spots, including the likes of Valerie Kay, Sky Bri and Nina Kayy.

To make things more confusing, random popular porn searches such as "Tesla" and "pumpkin" were also forced to take a backseat.

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Overwatch porn has been circling adult sites since 2016. However, the October 4 of the free-to-play game seemingly created a resurgence.

Last year, D.Va came in at number two for top searched video games character, shortly behind Lara Croft, who stole the top spot.

The third and fourth have to be the most baffling of all, with Mario and Princess Peach from the popular Super Marios Bros game.

We're not making this up...

Pornhub's 2021 round-up also revealed Fortnite and Minecraft porn as the most-searched video games online. Overwatch and Pokemon weren't far behind.

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