A student at the University of Houston has been using an old parking ticket to stop campus officials issuing him with another.

TJ Azodeh, 19, tweeted what appeared to be a genius scheme for avoiding fines on Wednesday.

He simply uses an old one, so traffic enforcement officials think his illegally parked car has already been subjected to a fine.

It's been shared over 50,000 times, and TJ has been enjoying the press coverage.

Though surely that means he's also never going to be able to do this again.

According to BuzzFeed, TJ got the idea from a friend at the University of Oklahoma, but they'd been caught.

Although many have applauded TJ for his chicanery, some pointed out that it wouldn't be long before he also got caught.

They know this, because that's exactly what happened to them, and at least one has been issued with new tickets for their parking offences.

Until he gets caught everyone likes a Robin Hood.

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