Man, 41, roasted for Tinder bio saying ‘looks are by FAR a woman’s most important asset’

<p>The alleged Tinder profile has gone viral on Reddit</p>

The alleged Tinder profile has gone viral on Reddit


A man has got a lot more attention than he bargained for after putting himself out on Tinder.

The 41-year-old, named only as Paul, may not have been flooded with dates but he certainly attracted the interest of social media users thanks to his jaw-dropping bio.

A screen grab of his profile on the dating app has gone viral on Reddit for its extraordinary demands for prospective matches and assessment of women’s “most important asset”.

According to the image, Paul announced that he had “had sex with some of the most beautiful women in the world” so “kinda need[s] something nice to keep my attention”.

That means anyone interested must be an “8.5 [out of 10] or better”, with the 41-year-old stressing: “I see average and ugly women every day, everywhere I go. Why would I want to associate with more of them on dating sites??”

The message concludes: “In closing, looks are by FAR a woman’s most important asset and any woman that doesn’t get that is an idiot.

“Here’s the math: ugly women = weak man, got it!”


According to the screen shot, the 41-year-old listed his job description as “telling other men what to do” and his passions as politics, activism, language exchange and the outdoors.

However, numerous Redditors suggested his must be a “joke profile” because, how could a person that shamelessly shallow actually be real?

“Feel like this is a troll profile. Like this dude doesn’t really exist, right?” one commented.

But another replied by pointing to the profile’s blue tick, writing: “I thought the same but I saw he is verified. The only thing that made me believe this guy may actually exist.”

Others, assuming that Paul really is a flesh-and-blood character, condemned his narcissism and recommended that “men as a whole disown him”.

“Slept with some of the world’s most beautiful women yet none of them have stuck around and he is on Tinder,” one pointed out.

“That says it all to me.”

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