Getting a cat shaved into the back of your head is a thing now

Instagram user Katichka recently uploaded a picture of her hidden haircut cat tattoo.

No, we don't know what's going on either.

Her Instagram post has been liked over 16,000 times in the space of 24 hours... and people clearly love it.

_.adriana wrote:

how amazing is this?!

emilyyymariie said:

I need that on my head

Do you though?


I want a hidden cat in my hair


OMG her hair

Dubbed "hidden hair tattoos", this new trend seems to be sweeping social media:

The Evil Kitty:

The hidden lotus-flower-geometric-pattern-thing:

The swirly Pokemon-looking thing:

The Bow

The Jesus one:

Some aren't even hidden.

Like all of the stars in the sky:

And this product placement:

And this maze to accompany an actual tattoo:

The most pressing question at this point is:

What is going on?

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