<p>A pep talk generator is making the rounds on Reddit </p>

A pep talk generator is making the rounds on Reddit

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Sunday scaries - the general anxiety we tend to feel about the oncoming work week - can often turn into the Monday blues. The weather is getting colder, the holiday season upon us, and 2021 coming to a close, so we could all probably use some positive affirmations to get us up and going.

Luckily, a pep talk generator has been making the rounds online that provides some fun and silly words of encouragement.

Last night, Reddit user u/TheCatWasAsking posted an image of a pep talk generator on R/CoolGuides. The graphic contains four columns that have their own list of positive nouns, adjectives, and ways to address ones self. The instructions are simple: choose any box from each column. the According to the graphic, there are 104,976 possible combinations.

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It’s easy to follow the columns straight across and come up with Dang...everything you do raises the roof, so treat yourself. or Superstar, that sparkle in your eye shows mad skills, would I lie? But the more creative you get, the more fun the outcomes.

Here are some of the weirdest (and perhaps delightful) combinations:

  • Tiger, your DNA is a national treasure, according to CNN.
  • Excuse me but the mere idea of you is a rainbow factory, that’s just science.
  • Girl, the way you roll roars like a lion, now let’s dance.
  • Ace, what you got going on gets the party hopping, can I get an amen?
  • Girl, your DNA is 100% legit, so get used to it.
  • News alert: your hair today deserves the Nobel Prize, and that’s a fact.

Come up with your own and make it your mantra for the week.

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